Learn to Twirl, Dance and Tumble with The Saskatoon Myracles.

The Saskatoon Myracles Incorporated Baton Twirling Club is a registered non-profit parent sponsored organization, which has been in existence since 1985. The club ran under the direction of Myra kirk, founder, until 2006 when Myra retired and Cindy took over as director and head coach.

All levels participate; recreational, pre-competitive, competitive, and world class. Our twirling members have participated in the Santa Claus Day Parade, City, Regional, Provincial, Canadian and World Championships. All classes are run by a certified coach. Our regular instruction includes a gymnastics class for all levels.

The club has flourished into one of the most competitive clubs in Canada. Numerous athletes have qualified for Provincial and Canadian Championships, as well as, athletes who have qualified to compete in international competition since 1991.

Baton Twirling Myracles’ Philosophy

Regardless of whether an athlete is participating for recreational, pre-competitive or competitive purposes, the first and foremost goal is enjoyment, taking into account the precious gift and development of mental & physical wellness. All participants will be respected, skilfully trained, and experience the positive attributes in which this wonderful sport lends itself to.


ages 4 and up

Head Coach:

Cindy Labrash



What is Baton Twirling?

The Sport of Baton Twirling is a relatively new discipline that has evolved through many dimensions.

Handling of the baton instrument to create visual images, pictures and patterns, executed with dexterity, smoothness, fluidity, and speed, both close in and around the body and by releasing the baton into the air.

Expression of the body through dance and movement to create a demonstration of strength, flexibility, physical fitness, beauty, aesthetics, and harmony in coordination with the manipulation of the baton.

The incorporation of gymnastic movements adapted to baton twirling to create additional elements of risk and excitement.

The discipline requires the simultaneous blending of these fundamental characteristics all set to music, utilizing time and space to display both technical merit and artistic expression in creating a total package for the viewer’s eye.Baton twirling encompasses the physical stamina and agility of gymnastics and dance, the beauty of figure skating and ballet, and the technical skill of all these sports combined. Baton twirling is an entertaining and exciting sport to watch. The intricate timing and precision required to perform these feats is difficult. Baton twirling requires complete concentration and coordination. It demands top physical conditioning.Routines for competitive sport baton twirling are designed for athletes of novice through elite stages of development, experience and ability. Individual competitive events utilize one-baton, two-baton, or three-baton to standardized music while Group competitive events are performed with members twirling together with precision and unison. Groups utilize their own pre-recorded music. Professionally trained and certified WBTF Judges adjudicate the competitions.